What the spray does

The spray covers a distance of about 3 meters and serves as a long arm in stopping or deterring dogs that are about to attack. The closer the dog, the stronger the effect. Both the odour and the noise scare the dog and, if not immediately removed, the spray itself irritates mucous membranes, such as the eyes and nose. The most common reaction is sneezing.

One of the biggest and most common problems dog owners face in our society is that dogs are forced to meet in unnatural situations. This often leads to aggressive behaviour and, unfortunately, sometimes even fights. There are many times that I witnessed desperate dog owners hit, kick and shout to try to break up a dogfight.

– Ninnie Ohlsson, obedience instructor

The spray also has a cooling effect when it comes into contact with the skin. This is intended to feel like cold water, which is often recommended for breaking up dogfights. The product has disinfecting properties, so you can even spray if the dogs have injured each other.

Testing of the spray

We have conducted the following tests:
• 5 critical situations, i.e. where two dogs were fighting.
• 10 scenarios in which we broke up and separated 2-5 dogs when a “tense atmosphere” had been created.
• 1 situation in which a dog was charging.

In 100% of the cases, a reaction was created that mitigated the situation. In some cases, it was necessary to spray a few times as the dogs turn back towards each other.


Dog Defense

Dog Defense

The bottle holds 40ml (total bottle volume 54ml) and fits in most pockets and purses. The nozzle is a wholly new concept designed in a way that makes it impossible to aim wrong (your finger will only fit from one direction) and to give optimal spread of the spray beam at 2-3 meter distance. The nozzle also has a protective role, ensuring that the spray cannot be triggered in your pocket. There is no cap to fiddle with when time is of the essence. A new feature is a built-in clip that makes it easy attaching the spray i.e. your belt.

How to use the spray

Spray in the direction of the dog’s nose at max 3m. distance. Wash off with shampoo and warm water. When necessary, clean the dog’s eyes and nose. If irritation arises, seek medical advice. Do not use for dressage.

Environment friendly. Dispose empty cans for recycling.

Water, Ethanol, Butane/Propane, Menthol. May cause allergic reaction.
Total content 40ml.


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