About the founder

Ninnie Ohlsson spent her childhood surrounded by dogs and have worked with dogs of different shapes and sizes at the professional level since 2002. Ninnie is a trained obedience instructor and currently runs the company Hundens Hörna together with colleague Emelie Joons. ninnie hundar

With room to accommodate 50 daycare dogs, a shop, a vast assortment of courses along with a chiropractor, masseuse and dog psychologist, the company has grown into one of Sweden’s largest dog centres. In her work, she spends a lot of time studying the 50 dogs that board daily and continually strive to meet their needs to the greatest possible extent.

How the idea came about

One of the biggest and most common problems dog owners face in our society is that dogs are forced to meet in unnatural situations. This often leads to aggressive behaviour and, unfortunately, sometimes even fights. There are many times that I witnessed desperate dog owners hit, kick and shout to try to break up a dogfight.

hundarAll of these actions serve only to reinforce the behaviour and further agitate a fighting dog. Such actions definitely do not help get the dog to stop.

If a dog has been attacked, a blow has been dealt to its psyche. It often reacts with aggression and fear when it meets other dogs, even those with a more friendly nature. Almost all dog owners are very uncomfortable with such behaviour and many do not know how to help their dog. Many feel powerless when they walk their own dog on a leash and a dog that is unleashed and has a less than peaceful nature comes charging towards them.

When we owners cannot defend and protect our dogs against such an attack, our dogs lose faith in their relationship with us. Recreating that type of trust is a long process. In such situations, the dog quite simply takes over responsibility for safeguarding itself.

Target groups of the product:Ninnie

• Any dog owner who wants to be able to defend his/her dog.
• Anyone who is afraid of dogs and does not want any unleashed dogs to come up to him/her.
• Anyone with a dog that could potentially end up in a fight.
• Any event or service where many dogs are gathered at the same place, e.g. kennels, dog daycares, dog shows and competitions.
• Any other pet owner who wants to be able to protect his/her beloved cat, bunny or the like from attacking dogs.

The list goes on and on…

My own goals for the product

Of course both my employees and I are tired of being bit on the hand or arm when we have to step in a break up fighting dogs. At the same time, I want to give dog owners a simple way to take charge of uncertain situations and better safeguard their dogs.

NinnieIt is important to me that Dog Defense only be available at responsible pet shops. I place great faith in the fact that most pet accessory retailers feel a great sense of responsibility to both the customers and their animals.

The product is not intended for use against dogs that have been trained to be aggressive and fight. This spray is not created to be harmful to the dog in any physical sense. My intention was never to create a product that could be used to ward off guard dogs or the like.

But, with the growing number of irresponsible dog owners, there is a real need for a product like this on the market.



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